Alice Buis

(Foto: Fred Platje Fotografie, Oosterwolde Fr, NL)

Since the seventies I have lived and worked in the south-eastern part of the province Friesland in the Netherlands (NL), surrounded by rural beauty and peaceful quietness.

I completed my professional studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam (NL). Prior to this I learned sketching life models at the Academy ‘63 in Haarlem (NL).

I was born in 1948 in Alkmaar (NL), where my talented father taught me the art of painting when I turned twelve.

The technique of fine art painting that I use suits me the best for expressing what I want to convey. I developed this skill during a one year master class in the private atelier of the famous master painter Diana Vandenberg in The Hague (NL), she was a pupil of the grandmaster painter Johfra.

The central theme in my work is the secret of our existence, which is symbolized by the ever returning light in my paintings. A second theme that inspires me incessantly is the nature of woman: woman interacting with her place in the total creation.

The peacefulness of my rurally located workshop provides me with the possibility of concentration. Love, music, dance, nature, a remarkable book or poem, as well as daily events provide the needed inspiration.

To me painting is a form of meditation. The creative process, the painting itself, is more important than the final result. It begins from a deeper layer of consciousness. I see images arise from my imagination, which I subsequently will “sharpen in detail”, as I call it. Then I start looking for elements clarifying that image. Based on these images I compose the ‘underpainting’, which takes shape and grows as I work on it.

My paintings come to life mostly in a free fashion, even when I make a commissioned work. My figurative style is often called fantastic-realistic or psychic-realistic.