The technique of fine painting I use is extremely labour intensive. Though developed centuries ago it is not less alive, and is being practised more often, even developed further. This skill is founded upon the painting techniques developed by the painters from the Renaissance, like Leonardo da Vince and Botticelli, and has been fine-tuned by the painters of the many famous Dutch schools.

When applying this technique a painting is built up in several layers, starting with the ‘underpainting’.  In this three colour tones are mostly determining: A warm sienna or grey for the middle tones, white for the light, and brown for the darker parts. In this phase the complete composition, all forms and the overall structure is being defined.

After hardened sufficiently, a glazing layer is applied over it, wherein also by means of colouring the fine details arise. Because of this the work of art becomes a transparent appearance, often reinforced by applying more glazing layers.

When lighted correctly the result of this well-balanced technique will be presented in the best possible way, having an impressively effect consisting of radiant colours and spacious impression.This way of painting is excellently suitable for having the creation process taking place in meditative silence, being essential for developing the deeply felt inspiration.

All of my pieces of art require several months before being completed. Nevertheless, after completion the opinion of the spectator is still the yardstick.