The technique making giclées is the most advanced form of reproduction.

This technique produces a stunningly impressive replica.

Given equal dimensions of the giclée it is barely distinguishable from the original painting.

A giclée does not need to be framed behind glass as all other forms of reproduction require.


In principle, each of my paintings can be reproduced into a giclée that derives from a high scan of the original.

Each giclée is manufactured singly by a team of specialists, and only by prepaid order.


Giclée is a French word meaning “something that has been sprayed upon”, like squirting.

This reproduction method is relatively new to the European art market.

By means of state-of-the-art computer techniques results are achieved
which surpass any of the lithograph or silkscreen prints.

High-end digital scans and top-segment twelve color ink-jet printers,
both with the highest attainable resolution, generate a perfect image.

This perfection expressed in terms of grid less display,
exceptionally detailed sharpness and color power, seemingly equals the original painting.
Posters are incomparable in quality.

An extraordinary and particular advantage of the giclée is that its production is possible already with an edition size of a single copy, and of virtually any painting.
Impossible when other reproduction methods are used.

Additionally the giclée can be displayed on different types of substrate.
For example on canvas reinforcing the illusion of ‘authenticity’.
Furthermore the giclée can be made in any desired dimensions.

Color authenticity is guaranteed at least a hundred years,
if the giclée is protected by an invisible specific foil or varnish layers.

Its price is obviously higher than a mass poster,
but lower than a lithograph, and a fraction of the original.

Without the frame a giclée-painting sizing 80×60 cm will cost around € 700,-.

Each giclée is copyrighted, numbered and registered.


You can place an order directly to me,
contacting me, either by email (, or by telephone (+31516514676).
Being the copyright holder I issue the necessary permission for reproduction, monitor the execution and take care of the delivery to you.

Every giclée is:
– Exclusive frame and shipping cost
– Originally signed and registered
– Limited in edition size
– Includes VAT
– Only on prepaid order