Painting classes

Besides my own painting activities,

I also teach since 1981 the art of painting in my own gallery.

These lessons are addressed individually within a group van maximum eight persons.

The teaching specializes on the quality painting techniques of the old masters,

using oil paint exclusively.

To learn this technique you don’t have to be familiar with oil paint.

This painting technique offers the possibility

of having the process of creation taking place in meditative quietness,

being essential for freeing your deepest felt inspiration,

and for working out of a balanced state.

Using this technique some of my students developed

into successful professional artists.

Next to this technique of fine art painting I teach drawing

and can show you how to paint with a quick, loose brush-stroke,

like in for instance impressionistic or expressionistic styles.

An advantage of this way of working is diminishing the importance of quality drawing.

I will guide you in developing your own way of painting

according to your temperament and skill level.

If you are interested joining my lessons,

please contact me by telephone or email (

Joining is possible at any moment of the year.

The fee amounts to €72,- per month [excluding material].

Your first month is a trial month, after which you decide continuing the complete course.

One session comprises two and a half hours.

Lessons take place weekly starting September until end of June.

Wednesday evening 19:30-22:00h,

Thursday morning 9:30-12:00h,

Thursday afternoon 13:30-16:00h